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Presence and Profit  

You've created a successful business and now it is running you instead of you running it. 

It's time to step-back and design a business that matches what your business needs, what your customers want, and what your soul desires.

When we combine those three things with business strategy we create a sustainable business model with predictable profits.  

We will work together over the course of 8-weeks to align your business model, your content strategy, and your path to profit.

After 8-weeks you will join a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners.  

In the group you will have the opportunity for ongoing support through group coaching, and question and answer calls.

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Strategy Session

Let's have a CEO date and work together to uncover the inspired action steps that will move your business forward. 

Working alone can be challenging. Together we can uncover the intersection between your life and your business goals. 

You will be surprised how much we can discover together. We meet via video and focus on your top 2 issues.

I love talking about all things passion, purpose, presence, and profit! 

Before our call, I'll send you a questionnaire asking for your goals, and some background on your business. The more time you take with this questionnaire the more effective our session will be.

You will receive a recording of the call and a list of inspired doable steps at the end of the call. 

More importantly you will walk away with clarity around where your business is going. 


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