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One-One Mentoring & Support


Being a solopreneur can be challenging. It is easier and more fun when we have support. 

I love working with coaches and consultants to offer support with their online marketing and business strategy. 

We connect in 2 90-minute meetings a month, unlimited Voxer support (think Coach/Advisor in your pocket) and through collaborative review of marketing content. 

Because I believe that one-one support should be personalized I limit the number of spots available. If you would like to know when there is an opening please join the wait list. 

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StoryBrand Consultation


You've read the book, you've watched every free Donald Miller video you could find. 

You've created your website. You've written a few pieces of content using your StoryBrand. 

But the question still lingers. Did you get it right? 

Let's find out! 

Schedule a 90-min StoryBrand Consultation with me. 

During our consultation, we can review your StoryBrand Script, review your website and discuss improvements to your messaging and presentation. 

At the end of our consultation, you will receive a recording of our call and one review of any changes that you make to your script and website based on our call.

More importantly, you will feel confident that you are on the right path to connect with your ideal audience!

StoryBrand Guide Consultation

Strategy Session

Let's have a CEO date and work together to uncover the inspired action steps that will move your business forward. 

Working alone can be challenging. Together we can uncover what the right next steps are for you and your business. 

You will be surprised how much we can discover together. We meet via video and focus on your top 2 issues.

I love talking about all things messaging, marketing, money, and mindset! 

Before our call, I'll send you a questionnaire asking for your goals, and some background on your business. 

You will receive a recording of the call and a list of inspired next steps at the end of the call. 

More importantly you will walk away with clarity around where your business is going. 


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Business & Being


Join Carmen and Abigail Steidley to learn how to bring together mind-body tools and practical business advice to grow your business and nurture your being.

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