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You can have sustainable growth for you and your business


Whether you admit it publicly or not, you want to make money. It’s okay. Wanting a business that supports you, your family, your lifestyle goals, even your team members, is something to be proud of, not something to be ashamed of. 

When your business has consistent sales, consistent revenue, and yet it’s still not reaching your goals, there is usually a misalignment somewhere in your business: in your assets, business model, client attraction or onboarding, or yourself.

The trick is in finding the misalignment, approaching it with curiosity instead of guilt, and iterating toward greater alignment until you create sustainable systems that support you and your business.

This kind of clarity is simple but not easy. It requires analysis, an open mind, and the objectivity that comes with a partner you can trust.

There really is another way to run your business, with more presence in your heart and more profits in your bank account. 


Wildpreneur™ Business Design

You're turned off by scarcity marketing tactics and you are hesitant to create more noise in the online space. 

You  believe there is a third way to run your business and you're ready to create one.

It's time to step in and design your business with a presence and profit you love, without selling your soul! 

Through a series of one-on-one meetings over the course of 8-weeks, we will align your business model, your life goals, your content strategy, and your path to profit to create your unique Minimum Loveable Business™ and the systems to support it.

It's time to get excited about doing business in a NEW way! One that embraces your souls desires and your drive for success. 

What you'll get:

    • 4 one-on-one calls
    • Support & Guidance from Carmen
    • A business model aligned with your soul 
    • A marketing plan that you love 
    • Tools to access your inner wisdom
    • A guide on the journey

We start by looking at all the pieces of your life and business, defining your vision and goals. We will tap into your inner wisdom and analyze your assets. We will choose a business model that is a perfect fit for you. 

You will walk away with a complete plan for your business and your marketing.

This program isn’t magic, even though it feels like it might be. There is homework and we use a balanced approach of energy and meditation tools with proven business strategies.

Custom programs begin at $3450, by application only.

Apply below to begin the process of discovering how we can work together.

"Carmen is an entrepreneur’s dream, because she combines her vast array of technical skills with an extraordinary level of instinctual awareness. She understands the mindset of the creative person, and is very skilled at “translating” the creative person’s idea into a logical framework and structure in a way that supports the creative vision and puts it into action."

Marney Makridakis


You've created a successful business and now it is running you instead of you running it. 

It's time to step back and craft a business in a NEW way.

You love nature, natural cycles, and all things woo. But, you never talk about them in the same breath as your business for fear of being dismissed as a serious businesswoman.

Your driven to succeed and have been a high achiever all of your life. 

You're excited about the possibility of a NEW way of doing business. One that embraces your beliefs and your drive for success.

Going it alone is hard. The world is full of noise on how you must do this and that. None of which takes into account what your inner wisdom is telling you.

Together we will guide your business using inner wisdom and business strategy.

This level of intimate and individualized ongoing support allows more time to explore your patterns, consistently coming back to the work, redesigning, redeveloping, and aligning your goals with your life.

What you'll get:

  • 2 monthly private calls
  • Carmen in your pocket - aka Voxer support - Limit 1 question/day Mon-Fri with 24-hour answer turnaround
  • Uncover your internal obstacles through joint exploration
  • Soul Council exploration
  • Greater understanding of what works best for you
  • Continuous review and iteration of your marketing 
  • Support for your business and YOU

One-On-One Mentoring is the perfect option if you’re stepping into a relationship of expansiveness in your life and your business. I'm here to be your ongoing companion and guide. You don’t have to go through it alone. The right strategies along with the right kind of support can make all the difference to sustained success.

Together we will clarify your personal business strategy which will include realistic steps to decrease your overwhelm, increase your creative energy, and get you where you want to go.

There is a 6-month commitment to working together because results take time. 

Custom packages begin at $5400, by application only.

Apply below to begin the process of discovering how we can work together.

Strategy Session

Let's have a CEO date and work together to uncover the inspired action steps that will move your business forward. You will be surprised how much we can discover together in just one session. We meet over Zoom and spend the next 90 minutes focusing on your most pressing challenge.

Some topics you can bring to our call: 
  • branding transformation
  • marketing strategy
  • social media or online presence
  • burnout support
  • dealing with fear of growth/success or uncertainty
  • business models and service alignment
  • overall vision & client alignment 

Before our call, I'll send you a questionnaire asking for your goals and some background on your business. The more time you take with this questionnaire, the more effective our session will be.

By the end of the call, you will have a list of inspired doable steps and you’ll receive the recording so you can go back to it time and again.

$597 for one 60-min session

Still not sure which option is best for you?

Book a FREE 10-min clarity session and we will determine which offer is right for you.



I work with a limited number of private clients. Custom programs begin at $3,450 and payment plans are available.