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Ramblings of a Wildpreneurâ„¢

Start With What You Don't Want

Several years ago, I moved to London for an extended stay.

An exciting opportunity and everything confused me.

The little details of everyday life overwhelmed me. Tasks that were normally easy felt difficult.

How to get groceries—without a car.

How to find American peanut butter.

How to navigate the Tube with three young children.

How to get a cell phone.

I had so much to learn. 

Eventually, I got the hang of the Tube. I learned to love HobNobs. And I learned I hated Marmite, no matter how many times I tried it.  

I remade my daily life. It was a grand adventure.

When I came back home, I had a fresh perspective on all the routines in my life that had been so familiar to me.

You see, everything that had been...

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Ready. Set. Go. Reset.

Ready. Set. Go. Reset.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It is personal, intimate work.

And when things don’t go as planned, either in your business or in your personal life —

you send out a newsletter, and a reader tries to shame you for homeschooling your children,

‍a contractor flakes,

a sales cycle slips,

your parents end up in the hospital

— you can quickly spiral into a cycle of shame, worry, and self-blame.

Or you can choose another way, a middle way.

You can choose to treat yourself with compassion and love. You can give yourself grace.

That is precisely what I chose to do this week. It’s been a week of one thing after another — the list above contains a few (not all) actual events from my week.


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Connecting to the Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit of your business

I've been thinking about cultural norms this week. My daughter, whose homeschooled, asked if we could read Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants.

From just the title, you wouldn't think that it would have much to do with building a coaching business, but oh my, it does.

In Braiding Sweetgrass, she talks about the way western culture demands that we know something only from our scientific and linear mind.

What a limited way to move through the world, and yet it is what is ingrained in us from a young age.

Schools taught us to ignore our emotions, to only focus on what it takes to get an A in the class, to not ask too many questions, and certainly not to question the cultural norms.


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One Step at a Time

Clarity comes from releasing our offers into the wild.

Only then can we experience how they impact those we wish to serve.

Scary, right?

Any excuse NOT to push the button . . .

The dog needs to be walked. I couldn't possibly push send before I take him.

I need to learn one more thing, and then I will be qualified. Then I will be enough.

Sound familiar?

I've heard it from clients. Let's be honest. I've heard it from myself.

It's hard to release our treasured ideas and projects.

What if they laugh?

What if they don't respect my work?

And, my love, what if they adore it and clamor for more?

What then?

What then?

Truth is you can figure it out, either way.

Through experimentation, analysis, and iteration you will grow, you will discover your...

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An Easy Button for Your Business

An easy button. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all have one for our business creation?

I know I would like one.

Sadly, there isn’t one. I’ve looked high and low — no easy button.

That doesn’t mean that being an entrepreneur is all hard work and hustle.


I believe the key to consistent, sustainable success is found at the intersection of mind-body work and principles of sound business practice.

It is an unusual combination and one that I have seen work across the board for my clients, time, and time again — one that brings creativity, joy, and excitement to their business. Their business becomes their haven.

We can achieve our goals when we learn to listen and trust our inner knowing, along with...

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The Four Pillars of doing business the Middle Way

Are you ready to stop hustling and check-in with your business?

Creating an aligned business can be as simple as remembering to check-in with these four pillars to find the middle way to do business. 

Checking-in falls into the simple, not easy category.

I encourage everyone to check-in with four main areas: purpose, passion, presence, and profit before they begin any new project and on a weekly, or at least monthly, basis to evaluate how current projects are serving them.


Purpose Is all about customer alignment and connection.

Are we connected and serving what the customer needs with this offer/action?


Passion is about founder alignment.

Is the offer/action in alignment with the founder's desire and inner wisdom?...

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Is it time for a vision board refresh?

You might have heard Abigail Steidley talk about her Slacker Vision board method - aka a whiteboard where we write our visions and dreams and then forget about them. It's incredibly effective! I definitely USE that method on the whiteboard in my office AND I also use a slight variation.

I have had the SAME vision board since I started my business back in 2010.

This morning it fell off the wall above the aforementioned whiteboard where it normally hangs forgotten. I looked at it and realized it was time for a refresh.

Yep. I have had the SAME vision board. How? What I do now is NOTHING like what I did or thought I wanted to do back then.

Every time I look at it I am surprised how many of the desires have remained the same. And...

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