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The Four Pillars of doing business the Middle Way

Are you ready to stop hustling and check-in with your business?

Creating an aligned business can be as simple as remembering to check-in with these four pillars to find the middle way to do business. 

Checking-in falls into the simple, not easy category.

I encourage everyone to check-in with four main areas: purpose, passion, presence, and profit before they begin any new project and on a weekly, or at least monthly, basis to evaluate how current projects are serving them.


Purpose Is all about customer alignment and connection.

Are we connected and serving what the customer needs with this offer/action?


Passion is about founder alignment.

Is the offer/action in alignment with the founder's desire and inner wisdom?...

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Money 💵 One of Culture’s Taboos

Money one of culture’s taboos.

Phillip Pullman says, “I feel not a flicker of shame about declaring that I want as much money for my work as I can get. But, of course, what the money is buying, what it’s for, is security, and space, and peace and quiet, and time.” It’s our responsibility, to ourselves, to our families, and to our colleagues to be paid properly.

And yet so many of us shirk away from admitting that we are fond of money. We don’t want to be seen as greedy or arrogant or any number of other nasty descriptors our inner critic can throw our way on a whim.

How do we embrace money, as Pullman suggests?

For me, it has been one step at a time.

Noticing where I am focusing on myself and not on the...

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Thank You for Taking it All

A single feather standing upright in the grass. The image takes me back in a flash to one of the best, and worst periods of my life. 


A week before I took this picture I woke up excited to buy my airline ticket to meet with my husband in Washington, DC. It had been longer than I cared to admit since we had been together, distance had taken its toll while he was finishing his military career.

I checked my phone, as I always do, first thing in the morning to see a notice from the bank for insufficient funds. How can that be? We had five figures in the bank. I knew we did because I had paid the bills the day before.

With a sick feeling in my stomach, I quickly checked our bank balance.


I looked, and it said...

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