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Trust Yourself Enough

What would happen if you trusted yourself enough to develop your craft?

Sit with that for a moment.   Ask yourself, how does that feel? 

A little scary, a little exciting, a little fun? A little bit of all the things? 

Yep, that's what I feel–all the things. 

I know the key to success is as simple and as complicated as trusting yourself enough. 

Trusting yourself enough to commit to showing up every damn day, even if the sun isn't shining.

No, ESPECIALLY when the sun is NOT shining, and it feels hard and sticky.

What will happen if you show up even then?

Allow for it all: the wonder, the trials, the challenges, the successes, and the emerging.

Trust yourself enough to develop your craft.

One step at a time.


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Are you checking-out or are you resting?

In response to my recent post about my obsession with James Fraser, someone asked, "How do I know if I'm checking-out or if I'm resting?"

Such a good question! 

The answer is you can tell the difference by how it feels in your body. 

I know, I KNOW, feelings They can be so . . . uncomfortable.

I, too, avoided listening to mine for years. And yet, leaning into the discomfort of our feelings is what can unlock the transformation you're seeking. 

Back to resting vs. checking out . . . 

Get still focus on your action or inaction, as the case may be. Ask yourself, does it feel like slipping into a hot bath on a cold wintery evening, or does it feel like trying to walk through thick sticky mud? 

If it feels...

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Are you checking-out or checking-in when things get rough?

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly binging on Netflix? Outlander, perhaps? Me neither, but I've read about it on the internet, or maybe, just maybe I found myself watching episode after episode of our favorite Scott, Jamie Fraser this past week.

At first blush, I could justify it and say I was resting by watching hours of Outlander. I deserve the time off. 

But if I'm honest, that wasn't the case–and that's why we're here for real talk about building your business.

Nope. I wasn't resting. I was avoiding uncomfortable and vulnerable feelings around my business. I was checked-out. 

You see, before I found myself admiring the benefits of a man in a kilt, I had been in a meeting with my Mastermind when my FULL on...

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The Four Pillars of doing business the Middle Way

Are you ready to stop hustling and check-in with your business?

Creating an aligned business can be as simple as remembering to check-in with these four pillars to find the middle way to do business. 

Checking-in falls into the simple, not easy category.

I encourage everyone to check-in with four main areas: purpose, passion, presence, and profit before they begin any new project and on a weekly, or at least monthly, basis to evaluate how current projects are serving them.


Purpose Is all about customer alignment and connection.

Are we connected and serving what the customer needs with this offer/action?


Passion is about founder alignment.

Is the offer/action in alignment with the founder's desire and inner wisdom?...

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Presence. Reverence. Invitation. Love.

It can feel hard to do business right. It can often feel as if you have only two options: to hustle hard or check out.

But there is another way, a third choice: you can drop into presence and check-in with your business and your spirit.

Discover what is aligned for YOU.

Drop into


Then check-in with your Soul Council to hear what is right for you, in this moment. 

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Money 💵 One of Culture’s Taboos

Money one of culture’s taboos.

Phillip Pullman says, “I feel not a flicker of shame about declaring that I want as much money for my work as I can get. But, of course, what the money is buying, what it’s for, is security, and space, and peace and quiet, and time.” It’s our responsibility, to ourselves, to our families, and to our colleagues to be paid properly.

And yet so many of us shirk away from admitting that we are fond of money. We don’t want to be seen as greedy or arrogant or any number of other nasty descriptors our inner critic can throw our way on a whim.

How do we embrace money, as Pullman suggests?

For me, it has been one step at a time.

Noticing where I am focusing on myself and not on the...

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The worst thing possible. . . .

One of the worst things possible is to follow the rule: “Be like everyone. Follow the crowd.”

These are the words that greeted me this morning as I sat down with Tolstoy’s Calendar of Wisdom.

I see this all the time in the entrepreneurial world—this influencer is doing this, so I MUST do it too.

Stop. 🚫

So often we get sucked into the story of you HAVE TO do X or you won’t make any money. If you don’t do X, then you will never be successful. Their fear-glomming gets to us.

We are, after all, only human and we want to make money. We want to be successful. Yes, we all want to make money, and there is no shame in that.

Let me say that again. There is NO SHAME in wanting to make money. There is NO SHAME...

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This needs to stop . . . .

If there's one thing that irks me about the online world, it's the barrage of messaging that all we need to do to be successful is hustle harder, slay more and then you will have magic fairies flying out of your arse to take you to 7 figures. 


It needs to stop.

It is straight-up bull shit. 

You do not create a sustainable seven-figure business by hustling, slaying and pushing yourself to the point of overwhelm and burnout. Can you get to seven-figures that way? Of course, but it is NOT sustainable.

Was your goal when you started your business to be tired, fatigued, overwhelmed, and so busy you don't have time to enjoy the NOW? 

I doubt it and if it was, go hustle your buns off and enjoy!

Of course, there...

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Is it time for a vision board refresh?

You might have heard Abigail Steidley talk about her Slacker Vision board method - aka a whiteboard where we write our visions and dreams and then forget about them. It's incredibly effective! I definitely USE that method on the whiteboard in my office AND I also use a slight variation.

I have had the SAME vision board since I started my business back in 2010.

This morning it fell off the wall above the aforementioned whiteboard where it normally hangs forgotten. I looked at it and realized it was time for a refresh.

Yep. I have had the SAME vision board. How? What I do now is NOTHING like what I did or thought I wanted to do back then.

Every time I look at it I am surprised how many of the desires have remained the same. And...

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Radishes, Mint and Marketing!

I was at the local market last week when this display stopped me in my tracks! 


I couldn't get enough of it. The colors. The smell. It made every cell of my being tingle! We walked away with bunches of radishes and mint. 

On the drive home, I was struck by how excited I felt down to the very cell of my being. (I think my daughter thought I might have lost it a little! She kept looking at me with that perfect blend of teenage disdain and curiosity.)  I was in that space of complete resonance with the world, where it all feels in Flow. I was bouncing in my seat!

Why wasn't I going to the market regularly? 

After I got home, it took me 15 minutes to clear my schedule for the remainder of the summer so...

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