Seasons of Business


Spring is coming, can you feel it?

The geese certainly can and were vociferously sharing the news, this morning.

I've been feeling the energy of Spring in my business, too, finally!

In the last few months, I've taken time to honor the energy of winter. I made space to dream, not to have all of the answers, and to listen to the stories around me. I needed time to discover what was being called forward in my business. I could see it in the distance, and it wasn't yet clear.

I'm not going to lie sometimes it felt a little (aka a LOT) scary ~ the words will I ever have a plan, may have been cried out with more than a bit of angst, more than once this winter.The deep creative incubation period can take much longer than we want it to take, aka instantaneously.

But, FINALLY, I can see what's next, AND I'm so excited I hardly know where to begin.

This feeling is precisely why we come home from the greenhouse with too many plants each Spring. Or at least, Agnes says there are too many. I don't think that there is such a thing.

I am excited now to do the work of creating the vision I have ~ it will require patience and planning ~ it includes a 6-month intensive, a community program, and a podcast.

Despite having added a million new to-dos to my plate, I am feeling excited and energized. This is the feeling of inspired action. It is GLORIOUS.

If I had pushed my way through and made myself set the goals in January as our culture more or less demands I would not be here. Not even close. I would be burned out, spinning my wheels, and frustrated.

I believe our businesses have souls and seasons, and it is vital that we honor both, just as we honor our own as we craft a sustainable business.

What seasons have you noticed in your business?

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