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One Step at a Time

Clarity comes from releasing our offers into the wild.

Only then can we experience how they impact those we wish to serve.

Scary, right?

Any excuse NOT to push the button . . .

The dog needs to be walked. I couldn't possibly push send before I take him.

I need to learn one more thing, and then I will be qualified. Then I will be enough.

Sound familiar?

I've heard it from clients. Let's be honest. I've heard it from myself.

It's hard to release our treasured ideas and projects.

What if they laugh?

What if they don't respect my work?

And, my love, what if they adore it and clamor for more?

What then?

What then?

Truth is you can figure it out, either way.

Through experimentation, analysis, and iteration you will grow, you will discover your path.

The first step?


What's one small imperfect step you can take today?


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