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Money 💵 One of Culture’s Taboos

Money 💵 one of culture’s taboos.

Phillip Pullman says, “I feel not a flicker of shame about declaring that I want as much money for my work as I can get. But, of course, what the money is buying, what it’s for, is security, and space, and peace and quiet, and time.” It’s our responsibility, to ourselves, to our families, and to our colleagues to be paid properly.

And yet so many of us shirk away from admitting that we are fond of money. We don’t want to be seen as greedy or arrogant or any number of other nasty descriptors our inner critic can throw our way on a whim.

How do we embrace money, as Pullman suggests?

For me, it has been one step at a time.

Noticing where I am focusing on myself and not on the outcomes that I deliver.

Noticing what is happening in the field of play around me.

Noticing what my body and inner wisdom are telling me.

Discerning between the voice of fear and the voice of wisdom where I should be.

How to price a package or an offer is hard. We all struggle with it.

Today, I encourage you to ask yourself, while embracing Pullman’s mentality, “How would business be different if I didn’t show a flicker of shame in admitting I like money?”


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