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An Easy Button for Your Business

An easy button. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all have one for our business creation?

I know I would like one.

Sadly, there isn’t one. I’ve looked high and low — no easy button.

That doesn’t mean that being an entrepreneur is all hard work and hustle.


I believe the key to consistent, sustainable success is found at the intersection of mind-body work and principles of sound business practice.

It is an unusual combination and one that I have seen work across the board for my clients, time, and time again — one that brings creativity, joy, and excitement to their business. Their business becomes their haven.

We can achieve our goals when we learn to listen and trust our inner knowing, along with consistent and sound principles of business.

When we ignore our inner knowing and get sucked into the hustle and the shiny objects (and they are everywhere on the internet), that is when trouble arises.

I hear from women every day who are worried that they will sound like a used car salesman or a tinker hawking their wares on a street corner.

Rightly so, if they are following every shiny object and fear tactic.

You will have nothing to fear if you follow your inner knowing. She will tell you when something isn’t right for you, and it is all about what is right for you and your ideal audience.

I know that may sound easy, at first glance, but it isn’t.

It involves being willing to look at our fears, our shadows, and our mindset issues.

It involves being willing to dig in and do the deep work so that you can help others with your unique genius.

It involves being brave and stepping out into the light and sharing what you see and know with the world as only you can.

It is why I am passionate about talking about our fears, our shadows. It is when they are brought into the light that they lose much of their potency.

We must tread boldly to be a successful entrepreneur, for no one wants to buy from someone who says, “this thing might be okay, do you want some, maybe?”

When we are brave enough to look at our fears and can permit ourselves not to be perfect as we serve then, and only then, will we find the momentum and the success we crave.

I would love to hear your questions about how to bring this work into your business?


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