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On Business & Being

Find your voice. Leave hustle behind.
Create sustainable success. 

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When you’ve been in business for a while, it can often feel as if you have only two options: to hustle hard or check out. The trouble is, you’re tired of hustling and you’re tired of people telling you to take care of yourself. 

Wildpreneur™ Business Design offers you a third choice: design and streamline your business so that it serves you well, emotionally, financially, and energetically. 

There is a better way.

You can:

  • Design your business to nourish your life and your bank account
  • Turn fear on its head, discovering and clearing your roadblocks 
  • Know what your next doable steps are for YOUR business
  • Learn secrets of success from your inner wisdom
  • Create an aligned business plan that balances you and your inner woo

When we design a business aligned with your life and business, you can say goodbye to the days where you have to hustle to keep up with your goals.

I am Carmen Schreffler . . .

I take businesses from doing "okay" to "sold out." I work with life coaches, spiritual mentors, authors, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create consistent success by aligning their purpose, passion, presence, and profit goals. This strategy takes successful businesses from plateaued to profitable, and from exhausting to expansive.

When we work together, we make...

...5-figure launches without any ad spend

...7-figure launches without 6-figure ad spend

...time slow down (think: family dinners, carpools, massages, date night, and long walks)

...magic happen

We follow inner wisdom and your numbers to craft a doable plan uniquely aligned with you and your business.

On Business & Being Design

Where YOU are at the heart of the strategy


Service, compassion, and connection guide the way



Craft your business
to align with your soul


Reap rewards in your heart and on the bottom line


"My favorite thing about Carmen is that she shares my ideal of making every customer connection—emails, FaceBook Live broadcasts, webinars—a form of service. It’s a style of marketing that puts the customer first, and I love that. I also love the data and critical analysis we’ve been able to do with Carmen’s help. She’s a bundle of energy who always aims to give, rather than take, and I consider myself very lucky to work with her."

Martha Beck
Author, Life Coach and Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

"Working with Carmen isn't like working with your typical business strategist. Yes, she knows marketing and strategy and how to scale your business, but she combines this knowledge with a deeper, soul-centered purpose. She gets to know you, and the soul of your business so that the strategy is both effective and authentic."

Sarah Papp
Master Life Coach and Founder of Unstoppable Ease

"Working with Carmen is THE BEST. All my anxiety and uncertainty about my business disappears every time we talk. She is patient teacher, a whip-smart coach, and a business genius. After our meetings I go back to work feeling calm, confident and deeply inspired."

Rowan Mangan
Writer and Wayfinder Life Coach

"Carmen is a magician. She is able to see into my soul and help me translate who I am into clear messaging and marketing for my business. The campaigns and offerings we have created together have been the most effective I've ever experienced in my business, by MILES. I adore her blend of intuition and practicality. She brings so much expertise, wisdom, and genius to my entire business. I feel like I have a true collaboration with someone I can rely on and trust, and she works fast and in-sync with me in a magical flow. "

Abigail Steidley
Master Life Coach & Founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

"Collaborating with Carmen has brought clarity and definition to the marketing and structure of my business. Your gift is your intuitive ability to see the direction that the journey needs to take next. I don't feel like I'm doing it alone - and at the same time, I always have the lead."

Bev Barnes
Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Founder of The Souls Calling Academy

On Business & Being

Design your business to fuel your bank account and your spirit.


Join Carmen for bold heart-full conversations to redesign your business without selling your soul.

We use a balanced approach of energy and meditation tools with proven business strategies.